Dear customers,
we are happy to present the new Exhalation smokes Systems Catalogue – Accessories and Compatibility Guide 2022.
During these months, we worked hard to create a complete and intuitive Catalogue containing all technical information and the latest news of this sector. For this reason, we decided to include the appendix dedicate to compatibility as well.

In the first chapters you will find PP and PPs components and accessories, certified materials resisting to acid smokes produced during the combustion process of condensing boilers. Elbows, reductions, diameter increasers, vertical startings and split systems are just some of the components that you will find browsing the pages. For each component, we have also reported the list of the boiler on which they can be installed.
Among the news, we present T-Flex and T-TotalFlex: flexible tubes in self-extinguishing PPs, that allow the connection of rigid and flexible elements to each other. Available in 30 m rolls and in several diameters, they are practical to install and easily adaptable to any construction requirement.

In the second part of the catalogue, we have reported our flagship products such as coaxial kits in PP and Aluminum, components for split systems in aluminum and accessories for pellet stoves.

In the last pages, finally, you will find the price list that will come into force from October, 1st 2022. You can download the updated price list every time a variation from the QR code on the cover of the catalogue will be communicated.

To download the catalogue in pdf format click here.

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