The choice of an air conditioner is never something common; moreover, if you want to ensure the correct operation of the machine over time, the purchase of the best mounting accessories is also an aspect that should not be underestimated. For example, if the air conditioner motor is placed on the external walls of a building, brackets must be able to support the weight of the machine and counteract any vibrations.

In the wide range of accessories and supports that Tecnogas offers for mounting air-conditioning units, the pair of STAR brackets (code 11111/S) has been our flagship product for several years, because it is synonymous of versatility, resistance and convenience. In recent months, to offer you a higher quality product, we have made some simple but significant improvements in both physical and mechanical characteristics of the brackets as follows:
– We made grooves on the horizontal brackets in order to increase their resistance; each bracket can support up to 80 kg;
– Regarding the clamping, we have replaced the old rubber plug with a steel one, harder and long lasting;
– To make the components assembling easier, we have also included a Wurth SHARK Pro 10 plug in the kit;
– Finally, we replaced the old mounting screws with 8.8 Steel ones, a medium carbon content material, defined as the ideal structural grade for high strength fasteners.

We also improved of the aesthetics: the bracket, painted and protected with epoxy powders in RAL 9002 colour, has rounded corners (thus avoiding sharp edges); in addition, our Tecnogas logo has been imprinted on both sides of the horizontal shelves.

Finally, we have decided to rename the bracket STAR PLUS, because it embodies even more innovative aspects, in addition to quality and reliability that have always distinguished our TECNOGAS brand products.

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