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The models AS5 softeners are composed of two parts:
a cylinder filled with strong cationic resin with high exchange capacity food grade, tested and brine.
The text is accompanied by a timer that allows for better volumetric equipment used by setting the initial data such as: hardness, tank volume and other parameters by which you can have a more homogeneous and regular regeneration.
At the time of the operation is displayed on the time and day when you are alternately displayed and the residue of the cyclic capacity of water, you can also check the consumption of the previous day up to a maximum of thirteen days.
The flow meter is inserted in the cylinder head which is equipped with a flange with a mixer capable of mixing hard water ...

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The models are AMUV softeners for medium and large flows.
Recommended for condominiums, hotels, factories, villages, etc.. where the demand and the scope of purified water is strong.
The models are composed of a head AMUV timer volumetric cylinder politilene externally reinforced with fiberglass, resins strong cationic exchange capacity, high-grade food and brine accompanied by floating hose repairer and 3 / 4 ".
These devices have to inlet and outlet 1 "1 / 2 or 2".
The timer can be programmed with volume all stages of regeneration, in the time of operation the display shows the time and day that you are either the cyclical flow of water remaining.

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The OSMODO is a system that uses reverse osmosis membranes that separate foreign impermeable seeds, organic pollutants and partly dissolved salts from water and makes the same odorless and tasteless, although the water in the potable water network is good from the point The chemical and bacteriological tests. you should install the osmodo under the kitchen sink, the system is already equipped with its own auxiliary valve and a tank lt. 15 which allows for immediate amount of water (liters daily production maximum. 283 approx), a pre-filter, carbon filters and UV lamp, you can also mount a pump and
an additional carbon filter on request.

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