New insurance for accidents caused by gas leaks.

Assicurazione incidenti

From October 2010 entered into force the new insurance policy for accidents caused by gas leaks.

More than 20 million domestic consumers will be able to benefit from new services that may be required as a result of accidents or damage caused by the use of gas distributed through the city network.

The new policy strengthens and extends the protections for domestic customers through, for example: the doubling of insurance cover for third party liability (from 6.5 to 11 million euros), the activation of an emergency call center 800 713742 for the search for a replacement housing in the event of unavailability of their homes as a result of the accident, the possibility of obtaining an advance payment of compensation to meet the most urgent needs, the activation of a special assistance for any health care or the loss of the house.

The enhanced coverage by the Authority for Electricity and Gas ( involve a cost to final customers for only 70 cents of gas per year for the next three years.

General information on insurance can be obtained from the toll of the "ATM for the consumer" 800 166 654.
Who was involved in an accident or had been damaged, please contact the toll free number 800 929286 CIG to request information on the status of files opened, or alternatively, for the same applications can use the e-mail address @ assigas cig. com or fax 02 52037621.
The policy, information documents and all information is available at the IGC at