Dear customers,
we are pleased to introduce SPECTRE, the new system for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation of Tecnogas. SPECTRE is the ideal solution for ensuring the constant maintenance of air quality in all individual rooms in which, for reasons of space, it is not possible to implement a ducted system.
Compared with the ASSOLO system, SPECTRE also has some important improvements that increase its performance and reduce energy waste. For example:
– The new 150-mm-long heat exchanger can provide an energy gain of up to 93%, increasing the EFFICIENCY of this system;
– The motor positioned at the back of the device, at the wall, and the presence on the back of an ABS grille that attenuates noise from outside, make the SPECTRE more SILENT;
– To perform filter cleaning, it is not necessary to remove the terminal board, so routine maintenance is more SIMPLE and faster;
– By inserting an additional filter, which is particularly effective against particles larger than 10 µm in diameter (ISO COARSE Filter), SPECTRE can provide increased FILTRATION against pollutants and allergens from outside.
– Finally, the frontal cover opens only when SPECTRE is in operation and closes tightly when it is turned off to further limit noise from outside and prevent dust from settling on the filter.
SPECTRE is available in 3 versions both for 100 mm and 160 mm diameter, that is:
BASE 1.0 with on-board or removable wall-mounted controls (not supplied) and 2 settable speeds;
ACTIVE 2.0 with cable connection of different units (up to 16), 3 settable speeds + night function, remote control with display and built-in humidity and twilight sensor;
WIRELESS 3.0 with wireless communication between different units (up to 16), 3 settable speeds + night function, remote control with display and built-in humidity and twilight sensor.
The ACTIVE 2.0 and WIRELESS 3.0 are equipped with display remote control. In addition to the “standard” functions already present on the remote control of the Solo system, such as adjusting the flow speed and deciding whether to run the device in manual or automatic mode, with this new remote control it will also be possible:
– Insert NIGHT function to reduce the air flux and so the noise;
– Set the BOOST Function that allows air to be expelled at maximum speed for a limited time;
– Restore the operation of the machine after performing hourly filter cleaning (FILTER RESET).
In 2023, a NEW model of SPECTRE will also be available, the peculiarity of which will be that it can be managed via a simple and intuitive APP on one’s phone: this version will be called REMOTE 4.0. With the APP, the user will be able to set, for example, the air flow and the desired relative humidity value, choose whether to run the device in automatic or manual mode, enter the night function, and finally see the status of the filter. APP will be compatible with both Android and Apple systems.


To receive more information, download here the brochure.

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